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Sagging or loose skin around the abdomen is often an issue that won’t go away with just regular diet and exercise. By removing excess skin and tightening underlying tissues and muscles, a tummy tuck procedure can help to smooth and flatten the belly.

Is A Tummy Tuck In New York Right For You?

The tummy tuck is not a fat removal surgery but is instead designed for tightening excess skin and tissue around the abdomen. Loose, sagging skin can often occur due to several factors such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Massive weight loss

Once skin loses elasticity due to being stretched over long periods of time, surgery is often required to tighten the body’s contours. While a tummy tuck in New York is best for those who are healthy and at a stable weight, it can also be paired with liposuction surgery to remove excess deposits of fat.

How Dr. Fugo Will Perform Your Tummy Tuck

To begin your tummy tuck, New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Fugo makes a horizontal incision below your pubic hairline. From here, he repairs the weakened abdominal muscles and removes excess tissue and skin. Liposuction may be used to eliminate excess fat from the abdomen as well (this will be discussed during your consultation), but isn’t always necessary. The skin is then tightened to achieve a smoother, flatter contouring of the abdomen and the incisions are closed.

Tummy Tuck Healing and Recovery

Dr. Fugo will provide you with a set of care instructions to follow as you heal from your procedure. You will be able to walk shortly after your surgery and light exercises may help your body to heal more rapidly. Most patients will require a few weeks of recovery before they are able to return to their normal routine. Over time, the scar from your incision will fade. Though it will not fully disappear, you will be able to easily conceal it beneath most bathing suits and underwear. You may also choose to undergo laser scar treatments to obliterate the scar entirely. To learn more about how a tummy tuck can help you achieve the body you want, click here to speak with New York board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fugo. Service areas include: Newburgh, New York, New Windsor, Cornwall, Middletown, Poughkeepsie, Monroe, Hudson Valley & Walden NY.

Patient Reviews

“I love the office and staff! Prior to my visit with Dr. Fugo, I had never left an office feeling as if all of my questions were answered. I will be back!"

– Breast and Body Patient

Tummy Tuck FAQ with Dr. Fugo

Pricing can range quite a bit, but generally ranges from $6500 to approximately $10,000 for the procedure. This includes all fees (surgical fee, anesthesia, facility fee).

I tell all prospective patients “Strong In, Strong Out” meaning the healthier and more active you are going into surgery, the smoother your recovery will be. At absolute minimum, you need to be at a stable weight (+/- 15 lbs). If the patient is in the process of losing weight, they want to be at or near their goal weight (again +/- 15 lbs) prior to considering any body contouring procedure. I DO NOT offer surgical procedures to active smokers. If you have a history of smoking or any nicotine exposure, you must be absolutely be completely nicotine free for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to undergoing surgery. Bottom line, if you have nicotine exposure within 6 weeks of your surgery or at any point after surgery, you essentially commit yourself to a 100% complication rate. That’s definitely not worth the risk.

Post op steps are very routine but also somewhat unique to my practice. I’m a very progressive surgeon with a focus on getting my patients back to being as normal as possible as quickly as possible. All the necessary post-op steps are covered in great detail during a pre-op visit. This is a separate visit from the initial consultation and is scheduled once a patient decides that they wish to proceed with surgery. General guidelines- Back to work at 7 days, back to the gym at 10 days, slow, gradual progression to full activity at 6 weeks.

Tummy tuck is currently the single most common surgical procedure in my practice (breast surgery is a very close 2nd place). I’m in the operating room 2 full days each week. I rarely have an operative day on which I do not have at least 1 and often 2 tummy tucks on my schedule. All told, in my career, I have performed hundreds of these procedures.

My general guidelines are pretty straight forward. Of course, all that was said above applies. The best candidates are those who are stable at or near their goal weight and those who are active. Most importantly, you cannot be a smoker or use any nicotine products of any kind. Lastly, make certain your expectations are realistic. Surgery should be a stepping stone to a more fit, active lifestyle, helping you refine or achieve those last goals that have proven to be the most difficult to achieve on one’s own. Surgery is NOT a magic wand or a substitute for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Quite simply, liposuction removes fat. That’s all it does. The procedure simply removes unwanted fat. A tummy tuck in its purest form removes unwanted skin and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall, reversing the changes typically caused by pregnancy or significant weight gain. In my practice, almost all tummy tucks involve the use of liposuction as an additional part of the procedure.

Average cost is anywhere from $6000-$10,000 inclusive of all fees (surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and facility fees).

You’ll notice a dramatic difference right away, but I prepare my patients for the reality that it’s on average 6 weeks to 3 months post-operatively before you’ll feel and look your best. The more involved your surgery (lots of liposuction, just a bit of liposuction, no liposuction? Lots of excess skin, very little excess skin?), the longer the healing time.

I have a very standard regimen that you’ll be quite familiar with prior to undergoing your surgery. I tell all patients, “Do what I say to do, avoid what I say to avoid and you’ll do fine. The only patients who get into trouble are those who try to outthink me. Follow my instructions and you’ll steer clear of problems”

Too many differences to possibly describe in this forum. I do not perform body lifts. I don’t agree with the theory and I think that the results are aesthetically awful, even when done by the most experienced surgeons.

Just call my office. Any time, day or night. If it’s after hours, my answering service will put you immediately in touch with me.

Yes and in my practice, this is almost always the case.

In any case where there is even the slightest degree of excess, unwanted fat in an area that if left alone, would otherwise compromise the final results of the tummy tuck.

I perform all of my procedures in a fully accredited, outpatient surgery center located just 3 miles from my office. I have a board certified anesthesiologist with me for each and every case.

Absolutely not. This is entirely the wrong mindset when seeking plastic surgery of any kind. Sure, in an extreme case, you may shed 5-7 lbs following a tummy tuck, but it is NEVER considered to be a weight loss strategy.

Yes. Absolutely. Every time. Normal healing of the human skin dictates that you cannot violate the layers of skin in any fashion without resulting in a scar of some kind. Regarding the scar, in general, I always keep the scar as low and flat as possible. It’s always 1-2 cm into the pubic hair line, always lower than an average C-section incision. I do my best to keep the scar no wider than necessary. My incisions never wrap around the waist. By doing this, I can insure that the scars can be hidden below your underwear line or bikini line (Yes…..you’ll actually wear a bikini again!)

These are the general rules that I follow. Unfortunately, as the skin is a very dynamic structure, I cannot determine the exact scar placement until I’m actually in the operating room.

Most commonly, breast procedures. A close second is fat grafting to the buttocks, aka. Brazilian Butt Lift. For this procedure, I use the fat that has been removed during liposuction and fill the buttocks to obtain better shape and projection. Outside of these aforementioned procedures, I frequently address arms or thighs in the same setting as a tummy tuck as well.

7 days, 10 days, 14 days respectively.

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