What’s the Difference between Xeomin, Dysport and BOTOX?

A woman looks playfully over her shoulder while smiling Dr. Jonathan Fugo provides Xeomin injections because he has found that this brand offers the best results to his patients. If you aren’t sure whether Xeomin will work for your goals, we encourage you to give us a call. We can tell you more about the features and benefits of this type of wrinkle treatment.

Xeomin, Dysport and BOTOX Cosmetic are injectable wrinkle-relaxers made by separate manufacturing companies. You can think of them as similar injectables but different brands. These injectables have a lot in common, including the following benefits:

  • Non-surgical
  • Non-invasive
  • No recovery period
  • No anesthesia, incisions, or sutures
  • Effective wrinkle-smoothing results

An infographic showing the benefits of Xeomin injections These injectables work because of botulinum toxin, a material that is safe in the amounts used for injection purposes. Botulinum toxin blocks the chemical communication happening between the targeted nerve and muscle. This block prevents the muscle from contracting, which in turn prevents the skin from folding in that area. The active folding itself forms a wrinkle, like when you furrow your brow together and those vertical creases form between your eyebrows. As you age, the inevitable diminishing of collagen and elastin in your skin means that your skin becomes less elastic, and therefore the lines remain even after you’ve relaxed your face. The skin doesn’t smooth out immediately after you’ve stopped furrowing your brow, like it did when you were younger. Xeomin, Dysport and BOTOX (all similar injections) stop the muscle contraction from happening in the first place, so your skin will stay smooth and wrinkle free in that target area.

How Do I Know Which One Will Work for Me?

Many people wonder whether one wrinkle-relaxing injectable is better than the other. Oftentimes it comes down to personal preference. After years in practice, Dr. Fugo has settled on offering Xeomin to his patients because of the results this injectable provides. It also is the only botulinum injection made without any preservatives, providing the purist form of the natural molecule. It’s great for treating:

  • Glabellar lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Bunny lines on the sides of your nose
  • Gummy smile

Discuss your options with Dr. Fugo to make sure you are matched with the non-invasive treatment that will accomplish your goals.

Relax Wrinkles with Xeomin

In New Windsor, NY, Dr. Jonathan Fugo is ready to help you decide if Xeom ininjections are the right way to revitalize and refresh your face. To arrange a consultation at our practice, please call our helpful team at 845-565-7040.

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