This Just In! What’s Trending for 2017!

As a proud member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Fugo looks forward to the group’s annual statistics. Just released, this years’ report proves to be as interesting as ever. New trends, treatments, and techniques are all highlighted amongst this years’ latest numbers.

Skipping the Scalpel

In 2016, non-invasive procedures accounted for 90 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed. Injectable wrinkle treatments (like Dysport® and Radiesse®) and laser hair removal were amongst the top five. One procedure that stood out in the last year was laser skin resurfacing. With an increase of 243 percent in the past 16 years, close to 600,000 men and women chose to improve the appearance of their skin with treatments like SmartSkin—a popular laser resurfacing treatment offered at Dr. Fugo’s New Windsor practice. 

The Chest is Still Best

Once again, breast augmentation reigns supreme. In 2016, breast augmentations were performed more than any other cosmetic surgical procedure. At well over 290,000 surgeries performed, the number of women choosing to enhance their breast size with the addition of an implant rose another four percent in just the last year.

Labiaplasty Makes the List for the First Time

For the first time ever, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons included labiaplasty (vaginal rejuvenation surgery) in their yearly report. While making the list is in and of itself a big deal, the number of women embracing this very personal surgery shows that its spot is well deserved. With a 39 percent increase over 2015, nearly 13,000 women feel more confident with their most intimate of parts thanks to labiaplasty.

“Do What’s Right for You”

Dr. Fugo is careful to remind each of his patients, “Remember, your decisions about your body are ultimately up to you and you alone.” While it is fun to see what is trending from year to year, the “decision to seek plastic surgery is entirely about you.” Dr. Fugo would love to speak with you if you are interested in learning more about your options!

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