The New and Improved Implant: Mentor® MemoryGel® Xtra

Breast augmentation has been around for quite some time now—it’s about time that our implant options get a makeover. Many people are drawn to silicone implant options due to their perceived natural movement and overall feel. Now Mentor® has designed a silicone implant option that stands out from the competition: MemoryGel® Xtra silicone gel-filled breast implants.

Dr. Fugo wants to ensure each and every one of his patients has an implant option that fits their needs and goals for breast augmentation, which is why he has added this line of implants to Fugo Plastic Surgery & Laser Skin Care Center in New Windsor. Curious about what all the fuss is about?

We Are “Xtra” Excited To Offer This New Option!

Every woman has different goals in mind when pursuing breast implants, but almost all want to feel confident in their own skin. This is why Dr. Fugo takes the time to sit down with you to decide what implant option will help you achieve your aesthetic goals and make you feel the best you can.

Using Mentor’s signature silicone gel, all “Xtra” implants are filled to make sure they look and feel like breast tissue. This special silicone gel allows MemoryGel Xtra implants help women achieve full and smooth breasts, with a natural feel. It’s hard not to get excited about that!

Who MemoryGel Xtra Is For

Curious if this new implant option might be a good fit for you? For ladies who are interested in a breast implant option that feels soft, smooth, and natural, while giving the fullest breast appearance, the MemoryGel Xtra breast implant might be the right choice for you. The MemoryGel Xtra can be a good fit for our New Windsor clients pursuing breast augmentation or breast reconstruction.

A Personalized Approach

At Fugo Plastic Surgery & Laser Skin Care Center, our team creates a personalized approach to your upcoming procedure. During your initial consultation with Dr. Fugo, he will ask about your goals and expectations for your implants. You will also discuss desired shapes and sizes for your new look. At this time, Dr. Fugo will talk more about the benefits about the MemoryGel Xtra implants and if he believes that they will be a good match for you.

We know that no two women are alike, which means that no two breast surgeries should look exactly the same. We ensure that each of our New York clients are receiving a personalized breast augmentation plan for their procedure.

Begin Your Journey at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery & Laser Skin Care Center

Mentor has long focused on fulfilling women’s aesthetic needs. With the MemoryGel Xtra silicone gel implants, Mentor created the exciting option by creating a fuller implant, with less rippling. Dr. Fugo is excited to now offer MemoryGel Xtra implants to those pursuing breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery.

If you are interested in the MemoryGel Xtra silicone gel breast implants, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Fugo today. Dr. Fugo helps women achieve their aesthetic goals in New Windsor and the greater New York City area.

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