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Managing Healthy Skin

From early on, we learn that having a smooth, clear complexion is an attribute of physical attractiveness. However, as we age, maintaining that healthy glow becomes more difficult. To halt or reverse the effects of sun-damage and aging, Dr. Fugo offers multiple options. In addition, Dr. Fugo offers the full line of Environskin care products.

The face is the most exposed part of the body, vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun, subject to acne, rashes, allergic reactions, and injuries that may leave permanent scars. A number of non-surgicaltreatments are available for individuals who want to eliminate or soften imperfections on their facial skin and achieve a clearer, fresher look. These options include Laser Skin Care, Chemical Peels as well as Deep Treatment Facials for those who are looking for a more frequent maintainence and rejuvenation of the facial skin without any downtime.

Chemical peels are natural substances blended into facial preparations used to eliminate rough or dried surface skin. Vitamins A & C-enriched topicals change the cellular metabolism of the skin’s surface to treat fine facial wrinkles and irregular pigmentation caused by sun damage. Any of these treatments can be used alone or may be prescribed in conjunction with an aesthetic procedures, such as injectable volumizers or facial surgery.

Complementing Skin Care with Non-Surgical Treatments:

What to Expect from Skin-Surface Treatments

Surface-repair treatments can enhance your appearance, give your skin a smoother, fresher look, soften scars and remove wrinkles. Before you decide to have a skin-rejuvenating treatment of any type, think carefully about your specific aesthetic goals and discuss this with Dr. Fugo.

Planning for Treatment

Whether you’re planning a surgical or nonsurgical skin treatment, it’s important that you find a doctor who has training and experience with a variety of skin-management techniques. You’ll want a doctor who can give you the best possible single treatment or treatment combination. Look elsewhere if your doctor tells you that he or she has perfected a single technique that promises unbelievable results. The choice is yours, but be certain your doctor is qualified to prescribe such treatments. After all, these treatments involve your face – the most visible part of your body.

During  your initial consultation, be open in discussing your treatment goals with Dr. Fugo and don’t hesitate to ask questions or express concerns you may have. Dr. Fugo will be equally open with you and explain the factors that could influence your choice of treatment options such as age, skin condition, and previous plastic surgical procedures.

Dr. Fugo will ask about your medical history and conduct a routine examination. If you’re having a surgical procedure in conjunction with your skin treatment, Dr. Fugo should explain the process in detail, including the risks and benefits, the recovery period, and all associated costs.

Where Your Treatment Will Be Performed

Your skin care treatments are  performed in the peaceful, serene, spa-like envrionment of Dr. Fugo’s office.

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