Radiesse dermal fillers new YorkWhile maturity comes with age, unfortunately so do wrinkles and lines on the face. For patients who visit him in his New Windsor plastic surgery practice, Dr. Jonathan Fugo offers injectable treatments like Radiesse, which works to fill depressions on the face.

By filling these lines and wrinkles with Radiesse, Dr. Fugo helps you look younger and your skin to appear smoother. Radiesse is made up of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres in a water gel. When injected into targeted areas of the face, the solution supports the structures of your skin, smoothing it out.

Radiesse is recognized by plastic surgeons for its ease of use and the fact that it is bio-compatible, which is essential for an injectable filler used today.

Am I a Candidate for Radiesse?

Patients with varying skin types and ages may choose to undergo treatments of Radiesse in New Windsor. Radiesse is FDA approved to treat many types of wrinkles, but Dr. Fugo may use it for:

  • nasolabial folds
  • facial contouring
  • facial augmentation

Off-label uses for Radiesse are also popular. For some patients this may include the treatment of marionette lines around the mouth as well as depressed scars.

In your initial consultation with Dr. Fugo, he will ask about your cosmetic goals and examine your skin. Based on this assessment, he will devise an appropriate treatment plan that will target your unique skin care needs.

The Radiesse Treatment

Prior to your treatment of Radiesse in New Windsor, your skin will be cleansed. Using a thin needle, Dr. Fugo will carefully inject the appropriate amount of Radiesse into the wrinkle or depression on your face—you will see some immediate correction. Dr. Fugo may then gently massage the site, which helps ensure the product is properly placed beneath the surface of your skin.

Radiesse Results and Aftercare

After your treatment of Radiesse, it’s not uncommon for some redness or swelling to develop. These are, however, temporary side effects. Applying an ice pack may help control swelling. Dr. Fugo will give you some aftercare instructions to follow as you return home. Most likely, he will ask you to abstain from strenuous physical activity for about 24 hours and to avoid alcohol and prolonged sun exposure. After a day or so, you should be able to completely return to your routine.

The skin smoothing effects of your Radiesse treatment can last up to one year. Over this time, your body will naturally break down the filler and you may return to Dr. Fugo for maintenance treatments.

If you struggle with depressions and wrinkles on your face, you may find relief from treatments of Radiesse in New Windsor. Please join the mailing list of plastic surgeon Dr. Fugo to learn more about non-surgical treatments in New Windsor.


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