Do Plastic Surgery Scars Go Away?

A close up of a woman pinching her belly fat wearing a black t shirt and black underwearMost people who are considering plastic surgery want to know about the scars. It’s true that all of these procedures will leave behind some degree of scarring because incisions are made in the deeper layers of skin. These scars will be permanent, although their appearance “matures” over time, typically becoming less red, less raised and generally less visible. 

How bad will the scar be?

It’s completely understandable to be nervous about scars. After all, you want your results to be worth the tradeoff of scars. We can tell you anecdotally that the vast majority of patients love their results and find the scars to be of no cponsequence in the long-term minimal. You can view Dr. Fugo’s before-and-after photos prior to or following your consultation, alloowing you to visualize how real patients wear their scars.

There are numerous factors that will influence the final look of the scar(s), including:

  • The location of the scar
  • Genetics
  • Personal history of scarring (what other scars look like on your body)
  • Steps taken to minimize scarring as it heals (silicone sheets, sun protection, and proper care as outlined by our team)

Rely on us to walk you through all of the ways you can promote effective scar-healing with aftercare that will prevent worsening the appearance of the scars.

Will it be obvious to other people?

It really depends. When you are nude, it is possible that certain scars will be visible, albeit flatter than they were at first and closer to your natural skin color. It is largely individual how these scars will look.

As for the placement on your body, it’s entirely dependent on the type of procedure. Incisions are made on the area being treated and tend to vary with the amount of skin and tissue being modified. Liposuction is an example of a procedure that uses small, subcentimeter incisions that can be well-hidden. Even tummy tuck scars are typically concealed beneath panties and swimsuit bottoms. In all cases, Dr. Fugo makes incisions that are as hidden and minimal as possible.

What can I do to make it as minimal as possible?

There are several ways you can be mindful about scar care and promoting the proper healing of scars:

  • Follow the aftercare and recovery instructions exactly
  • Follow our directions for which scar products options to choose and which to avoid
  • Attend your follow-up appointments with Dr. Fugo
  • Wear sunscreen over the scar anytime it is exposed (after it has healed)
  • Choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced and qualified

Although the final appearance of a scar is to a large extent out of a person’s control (because of genetics and your skin’s natural propensities), we will make sure you know about everything that is within your control.

A Plastic Surgeon Committed to You

It’s important to choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Fugo who understands incision placement, limiting tension on the incision sites, and proper incision care. To arrange a consultation to discuss plastic surgery with Dr. Fugo in New Windsor, NY, please call our team at 845-565-7040.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Myths

The word Myths is spelled out with wooden blocks on a white table with a small green plant in the backgroundPlastic surgery in some form has been performed for hundreds of years. Given its extensive history, it’s no surprise that a bevy of myths surround this field of medicine. Experienced and dedicated plastic surgeons like Dr. Jonathan Fugo are here to dispel these rumors and provide you with the clear, accurate information you deserve.

While there is no shortage of myths to debunk, here are a few of the most common:

Myth: Facelifts create a windswept, pulled look. 

Facelift techniques have come a long way over the years. While older surgical methods, based on antiquated understanding of facial aging, involved the simplistic lifting and pulling of the skin and underlying soft tissues, today’s techniques include adding conservative, appropriate volume to areas of lost volume, BEFORE performing any soft tissue repositioning, while sometimes shortening the deep, structural layers beneath the skin. The result is natural-looking rejuvenation that maintains the expressiveness of your face.

Myth: Lip augmentation creates “duck lips.” 

Lip augmentation is tailored individually, for a naturally full look. While some people want a more substantial, full pout, others want a more subtle increase in volume and shape. The key is to discuss your goals with Dr. Fugo. Together you can create the effect you want to see.

Myth: People can always tell if you had your breasts enhanced. 

Like all plastic surgery, breast surgery is customized to your goals. If you want a subtle breast augmentation, reduction, or lift, Dr. Fugo can provide those results. Most women want natural-looking results, but it’s also possible to create round, large breasts that may look quite a bit different from your natural breasts. Once again, it’s all about choosing the implant features that will create the results you want.

It’s easy to be led astray as you search for answers. Rely on Dr. Fugo, like so many others have, to provide the answers you deserve.

Learn More About Cosmetic Treatments Tailored to You

If you live in New Windsor or the surrounding region of New York, we encourage you to arrange a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Fugo by calling 845-565-7040. Cosmetic surgery may be right for you! You deserve reliable information to make this important decision.

How Long Does Breast Augmentation Last?

Close up of a woman laughing with her hair falling over one side of her faceWomen interested in breast augmentation generally want to know that the results will last. Breast augmentation is many things, including an investment. Like any investment, you want to be sure that the return is well-worth it! 

When performed properly, breast augmentation results should never need to be re-done unless some issue arises that you would like to change or address. It is true that the rate of rupture may increase after the first decade, but only minutely. In the event that rupture or some other complication does occur, your breast implants can be replaced at that time. 

Dr. Fugo works to reduce the necessity for breast implant replacement by carefully planning a breast augmentation procedure that is personalized to your goals and your body. Aspects of planning that may affect longevity include choosing a size that is right for the current breast pocket, choosing an incision location, and choosing whether to place the implant below or above the chest muscle. Additionally, Dr. Fugo will provide you with detailed aftercare and recovery instructions. Following those to a T will prevent adverse events and contribute to the longevity of your breast implant results.

Sometimes a breast augmentation patient wishes to replace their breast implants to:

  • Change the size
  • Change from saline to silicone
  • Remove breast implants completely

If you feel this way, we encourage you to discuss breast implant revision with Dr. Fugo. He will provide guidance and advice, ultimately helping you find a solution so you can continue to enjoy your breast enhancement results.

Dr. Fugo uses Mentor breast implants for all breast augmentation surgeries. As an added benefit, Mentor implants are warrantied for your entire lifetime. If an implant ruptures or deflates, Mentor will replace the implant free of charge, plus the other implant if you and Dr. Fugo decide to replace both. The replacement implants will be the same style as the originals.

If you are curious about implant longevity and other aspects of breast augmentation, we hope you’ll discuss those issues with Dr. Fugo. As a plastic surgeon with many years of experience, Dr. Fugo can make sure you are armed with complete information.

Learn More About Breast Enlargement with Breast Implants

Breast augmentation provides lasting enhancement that can be refreshed if you eventually decide or need to replace your breast implants. To discuss the procedure and your candidacy with Dr. Fugo in New Windsor, NY, please call us at 845-565-7040.

Maintaining Your Surgical Results

A woman chopping fruit for a smoothie.After any face or body contouring procedure, there are several things that can affect your short- and long-term results. Most of these factors are entirely within your control. While aging will naturally reduce the elasticity of your skin, you can postpone or minimize the impact with a few mindful practices.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

UV rays are the most common cause of premature skin aging. Sun exposure without UV protection can weaken your skin, causing it to become lax. Over time, this will cause loose skin to return to the treated area. To help protect your body contouring results, apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to your skin if you are going outside for 30 minutes or more. In addition, cover your skin with long sleeved clothing when possible and wear a wide-brimmed hat. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

Extreme changes in weight can greatly affect the outcome of your procedures. While the fat cells removed from your treatment area will not grow back, it is entirely possible to store fat in the remaining fat cells in the surgical area and surrounding areas. To prevent fluctuations in weight, eat a balanced, healthy diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. This will not only prevent weight gain or loss, but also provide the nutrients your skin needs to maintain its elasticity and strength for years to come.

Exercise Often

Consistent exercise, whether light or intense, is a great way to stave off weight gain and maintain muscle tone. In general, it is best to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you need some variety, try alternating between cardio and strength training. Never underestimate even the simple exercises like walking. Remember…..something is better than nothing. Every single person can find a few minutes of every day for physical activity.

Call Now to See if Body Contouring is Right for You

If you have gone through significant weight loss or lifestyle change and want to rid yourself of excess skin and fat, call Dr. Jonathan Fugo today at 845-565-7040 to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients living in Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan and Westchester Counties as well as other surrounding New York communities.

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At Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery & Laser Skin Care Center, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Fugo is often asked by patients if they should lose weight before their tummy tuck. While the answer is unique to each patient, this blog from Dr. Fugo can shed light on how weight loss — and weight gain — will affect your tummy tuck.

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