Making the Most of Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

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Your breast augmentation consultation is an exciting first step to achieving the breasts you have always wanted. More than just discussing the procedure itself, your consultation gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with Dr. Fugo and his take on developing an augmentation that is uniquely personal to you.

To make the most of your consultation with Dr. Fugo, keep these tips in mind:

This Time is for You

“Remember, your decisions about your body are ultimately up to you and you alone,” says Dr. Fugo. Only you can make this very personal decision. Dr. Fugo continues, breast augmentation must be about “the happiness and self-confidence that you feel with your body and its image.”

Your consultation is also the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you have. Do not be shy and ask away—specializing in breast augmentation, Dr. Fugo has heard them all.

Make an Educated Decision

Appreciating that this is a big decision, Dr. Fugo dedicates your consultation to speaking “with you in more detail about your personal aesthetic desires.” It is only after he fully understands what you are comfortable with that he will develop an approach “to best achieve these goals.” More than anything, Dr. Fugo encourages that you “spend time making a thoughtful, well-informed decision.”

Understand What You Want

To gain insight into what you hope to accomplish through your augmentation, Dr. Fugo asks that you “bring photos with you that show breasts that you find most attractive.” He explains that the photographs “help you clearly communicate exactly what aesthetic goal you’re trying to achieve.” By coupling the photographs with your unique figure, Dr. Fugo “can then discuss realistic options to help you obtain that goal.”

Take Your Time

Dr. Fugo discourages his patients from making a hasty decision. Instead, he encourages a woman to take her time. He emphasizes that when your augmentation is well thought out, “you will be thrilled with your results.”

The Goods and Bads of the Internet

Dr. Fugo emphasizes to all of his patients, “the internet is a wonderful way to find a surgeon as well as perform preliminary research on any cosmetic surgical procedure in which you might be interested. Beyond that, the internet has extremely little value.”

Once you’ve chosen a surgeon for your procedure, Dr. Fugo strongly recommends “stay off the internet!” All too frequently, patients succumb to the lure of gaining more information on their upcoming surgery. “Human nature is to be drawn to the ‘worst case scenarios’. With far more misinformation than good information to be found on the worldwide web, patients will scare themselves into an anxiety attack in the days and weeks prior to their surgery. Your pre-op period should be an exciting time. Relax and enjoy the very normal nervous anticipation.” Avoid the detriment and doubt that’s waiting to be discovered on that next web search.

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation with Dr. Fugo

Along with Dr. Fugo, we, at his New Windsor practice, understand that a breast augmentation is both equally exciting and nerve wracking. With this in mind, we are here to work with you—from the initial consultation to the unveiling of your new you.

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