How Hydrafacial Treatments Are Different From Chemical Peels

woman close up face asian girl with clean fresh healthy skin A daily skin-care routine using high-quality products and moisturizers is essential to maintain radiant skin. However, the effects of aging and environmental exposures throughout daily life will cause aesthetic changes that at-home regimens cannot slow or reverse.

Over time, your skin will start to appear dull and worn. Although concealers and other makeup can help hide blemishes and other skin marks, these are only a temporary fix.  Worse, during the hot summer months, makeup will cause further issues and disrupt your busy schedule.

To remove the worn outer layer of skin, treatment options are available that safely and effectively reveal a fresh and healthy layer of skin. Chemical Peels and Hydrafacials are great options to help regain a youthful and radiant look to your skin.

Although both work by removing the top layer of worn or dead skin cells, there are differences when deciding which is best for you.

A Chemical Peel uses a solution of chemicals specifically chosen or mixed to work best with your skin tone or dermal condition. This solution is applied to the skin and washed off after a specific time, determined by the solution and the condition you are treating.

A Hydrafacial, on the other hand, generally uses suction or another physical method to remove dead or worn skin cells. A gentle peel solution will still be applied before the suction, but this is much milder than a full chemical peel. Afterward, hydrating serums or creams are applied to your skin to instantly bring moisture and protection to the fresh layer of skin.

Better yet, using both Chemical Peels and Hydrafacial treatments in conjunction with one another will undoubtedly provide unmatched results.

There may be transient, mild redness of the face with bith treatments. This is temporary and subsides quickly, revealing great results within a few days.

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