Four Common Myths About Eyelid Surgery

female-patient-having-exam-for-eyelid-surgery Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a popular cosmetic surgery among men and women. No one likes to be told they look tired when they are wide awake, and feeling self-conscious about any facial feature can affect your interpersonal relationships. This procedure has helped many patients regain self-confidence and satisfaction with their appearance.

Dr. Jonathan R. Fugo is a board-certified plastic surgeon who uses his medical knowledge and aesthetic eye to help patients attain a rejuvenated, natural-looking appearance through plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. He is experienced in blepharoplasty and wants to set the record straight on some common misconceptions about the treatment.

Myth #1: Eyelid surgery is strictly a cosmetic procedure.

This procedure is done for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Some patients elect to get eyelid surgery for aesthetic reasons, such as wanting to look more youthful.

In other cases, drooping upper eyelids can interfere with a patient’s ability to see, making treatment a medical issue. If you’ve been diagnosed with ptosis and failed a visual field test, blepharoplasty may help.

Myth #2: Eyelid surgery causes visible scarring.

Eyelid surgery performed by a trained and experienced surgeon should result in minimal scarring. Eyelids have very thin skin and as such, are less prone to abnormal scarring than are other areas of the body with thicker skin. Immediately after surgery, a scar will be visible, but it should fade as the site heals.

Not only does the eyelid heal particularly well, but Dr. Fugo is skilled at making strategic incisions so the natural structure of your eye hides the incision. For the upper eyelid, the incision is made in the crease of the eye. With lower lid surgery, the incision is made along the lash line. View our before and after photo gallery to see some of our patients’ beautiful results.

Myth #3: Eyelid surgery causes chronic dry eyes.

This myth points to the importance of choosing the right surgeon. Removal of too much skin can prevent the eye from closing completely, which can result in chronic dry eyes. An experienced surgeon will know how much skin to remove in order to preserve the natural function and health of your eyes.

A patient will experience dry eyes temporarily post-surgery when there is swelling. Swelling can prevent the eyes from closing completely when you blink. Dr. Fugo may suggest that you use eye drops until the swelling subsides and the eyes no longer need supplemental lubricant.

Myth #4: Eyelid surgery treats crow’s feet.

Eyelid surgery can have remarkable effects on signs of aging involving the eye area, including correction of eye bags, dark circles under the eyes, puffy lower eyelids, drooping eyelids, and loose skin. However, crow’s feet are not addressed with this procedure. If crow’s feet are also a concern for you, Dr. Fugo may recommend an injectable treatment like Dysport

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