Facial Reconstruction

In his practice, New Windsor plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Fugo offers reconstructive surgeries in addition to cosmetic procedures. For individuals who have experienced trauma, cancer or lived with a facial deformity, he performs facial reconstruction surgery. These procedures are designed to restore a more normalized appearance and may improve mobility in some cases.

Am I a Candidate for Facial Reconstruction?

If you have experienced facial injury, cancer or live with another type of facial disfigurement, Dr. Fugo will examine your area of concern and design a treatment plan for you.

The types of trauma and deformities that Dr. Fugo often performs facial reconstruction for include:

  • tumors
  • non-cancerous skin lesions
  • birth defects
  • scar revisions
Facial Reconstruction New Windsor NY

The Facial Reconstruction Procedure

Depending on the part of your face that requires reconstruction and the extent of the damage, the length of your procedure can vary greatly, but can last up to a few hours. Most facial reconstruction procedures can be done in the office without the need for general anesthesia.

Any incisions that Dr. Fugo will need to make as part of your facial reconstruction will be small and well-hidden. Dr. Fugo’s goal is to maintain or restore the appearance of your face and every step he takes in the surgery will work toward that goal.

Caring for Yourself After Facial Reconstruction in NY

When you leave the practice following your facial reconstruction, you will be given specific aftercare instructions. Any discomfort you experience may be managed with medication prescribed by Dr. Fugo.

After you have healed from your facial reconstruction , the appearance of the facial trauma should be greatly improved.

To learn more about facial reconstruction in New Windsor, New York, we encourage you to contact plastic surgeon Dr. Fugo. Please email our office today or call to schedule your consultation.


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