Dr. Fugo Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading

Do you want to enhance the look of your eyebrows but aren’t sure how to do it? Whether you want to add a dramatic flair to your eyebrows or just add a hint of definition to what you already have, Microblading may be the perfect solution for you! Because Microblading is relatively new to the beauty scene, many men and women have questions about this non-invasive treatment.

Here, we answer the questions we hear most from our patients at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery and Laser Skin Care Center.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic makeup that gives the illusion of real eyebrows using ink that is similar to that of a tattoo. Unlike a tattoo, however, Microblading is not permanent as the ink is carefully placed within the basal cell layer of the skin, allowing it to be semi-permanent. Whereas traditional tattoo’s simply paint a “stripe” within the skin, Microblading takes advantage of a highly advanced technique that uses single “strokes” to create the appearance of actual individual hairs, lending to a far more natural appearance and color. 

How Long Does Microblading Take?

Altogether, microblading at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery and Laser Skin Care Center takes in between one and two and half hours, including mapping and designing the brow, matching color, and the procedure itself. To ensure the best results, Dr. Fugo carefully studies your natural eyebrows along with taking into consideration your aesthetic goals.  With a range of colors and techniques available, Dr. Fugo is able to achieve a brow that accentuates your individual facial features.

What Can I Expect from My Microblading Treatment?

Microblading is very well-tolerated by our New Windsor patients. Many say that the treatment feels like a series of small scratches. A numbing cream will be applied to increase your comfort.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Results with microblading last between one and three years. While touch-ups may be recommended, you will leave Dr. Fugo’s plastic surgery practice feeling confident that your eyebrows will have long-lasting enhancement.

Am I a Good Candidate for Microblading?

Microblading is a safe procedure designed for anyone who wants to enhance their eyebrows. It is even safe for men and women who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia, chemotherapy, or another medical condition. With Microblading, Dr. Fugo can also cover-up an existing tattoo. If you do have an existing tattoo, however, you may consider a series of laser treatments to first fade the tattoo before the microblading is performed.

Can Microblading Be Combined with Another Facial Rejuvenation Procedure?

Many of Dr. Fugo’s patients are curious if Microblading will interfere with injectable treatmentso or other facial procedures. It’s a good question! Fortunately, microblading generally does not pose a problem and can be effectively combined with other aesthetic treatments for full facial rejuvenation.

We can often perform microblading on the same day as another procedure. The exception to this is any treatment that raises the forehead or an injectable facelift. In these cases, Dr. Fugo may suggest that you hold off on microblading for two weeks to avoid any settling issues.
Are There Side Effects with Microblading?

Although there are few side effects, you may find that your eye or brow area is slightly sore following microblading. The area may be tender, sensitive, and more-achy than normal. Light scabbing and itchiness may also follow. Keep the area clean and be careful when washing your face for the next week. The results are worth it—especially when as won’t have to worry about your brows when it comes to morning make-up routine!

What Is the Price Range for Microblading?

Microblading generally costs between $400 and $800. As with any aesthetic procedure, the cost varies depending on your specific needs. A brief consultation with Dr. Fugo is necessary to determine the exact cost of your microblading treatment!

Microblading at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery and Laser Skin Care Center

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