CoolSculpting FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked CoolSculpting questions that may also help answer any concerns you may have of your own.

Q: Is freezing fat safe for the body?
Yes! CoolSculpting has been approved by the FDA for fat reduction of the abdomen, back, hips, and thighs. The skin and surrounding tissue are left unharmed during the process and your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells on its own.

Q: Does the CoolSculpting process hurt?
CoolSculpting is performed without any anesthesia and is relatively painless for the patient. You may experience some slight discomfort such as a firm pulling sensation or pressure at the cooling site. Most patients feel generally relaxed during the procedure and may choose to read a book, watch TV, catch up on work, or take a quick nap while Dr. Fugo is performing the treatment.

Q: When will I see my full results?
In just three weeks, you will notice your body becoming slimmer and more toned at the treatment site. Because this is a gradual process, you will experience steady improvements up to full results at about 2-3 months. Depending on your situation, a series of treatments may help you achieve your best results with CoolSculpting.

Q: Does the fat come back after CoolSculpting?
Once the fat cells have been frozen and eliminated from your body, they will not come back. However, it is still possible to gain weight normally if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. Eating right and staying physically active are critical factors in maintaining a slim and fit figure, whether or not you have undergone CoolSculpting.

If you would like to discuss CoolSculpting or any other body contouring procedure in more detail, call today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Fugo. Are you ready to begin your personalized CoolSculpting transformation?


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