Breast Augmentation with Implants

What makes breast augmentation with Dr. Fugo different from other practices? Dr. Fugo performs each and every breast enhancement surgery with a completely personalized approach tailored to achieve your desired aesthetic with the quickest recovery time possible. It’s about giving you the beautifully natural, feminine curves you’ve been wanting without missing out on life due to lengthy recovery.

Breast Enlargement at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery in New York Metro Area

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Average breast augmentation price and timeline - Dr Fugo

Price and timelines will vary from patient to patient based on unique circumstances

A Truly Personalized Experience from Consultation to End Results

Your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Fugo is complimentary. Dr. Fugo meets with you personally at your very first visit. No practice manager or patient coordinator, no bait and switch. Dr. Fugo will discuss the details of breast enlargement surgery, covering every important aspect such as options for incision placement, how exactly the surgery is performed, and why he performs each step in the way that he does. You’ll discuss your breast augmentation recovery including downtime, and when you can expect to return to work, gym, and social activities. Dr. Fugo will review in great detail your different implant options, the true differences between and benefits of silicone and saline implants. Finally, before your consultation is complete, Dr. Fugo will provide you with an exact surgical quote outlining the cost of your breast augmentation surgery. You’ll also be provided with complete financing options. All of your questions about breast enhancement will be answered before departing Dr. Fugo’s office.

Breast Augmentation Results - Before and After Photos | Dr Fugo

Real Patient Breast Augmentation Stories

This 25-year-old female struggled with lifelong breast asymmetry regarding both shape and breast volume. See how a personalized breast augmentation with Dr. Fugo helped her and many others achieve their desired feminine curves. View our Breast Augmentation Gallery.

Finding Breast Implants that are Right for You

When preparing for your consultation, Dr. Fugo recommends looking through his breast augmentation before and after gallery, and printing 2-3 examples of the type of results you are wanting for yourself. Dr. Fugo tells each and every patient: “Simply find 2-3 photos of breasts that you find aesthetically attractive. Pre-operative breast appearance, body type, height, weight or skin tone is of no matter. I’m simply looking to define visually the size and shape that you wish to be.” From the photo examples you bring with you, Dr. Fugo will be able to work with you to determine the best shape, size, and projection of breast implants to provide you with your desired outcome. The best results come from a completely personalized approach and the many years of Dr. Fugo’s experience in breast surgery.

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"As a 22 year old woman I was very flat chested and wanted a fuller look. Not only did I receive a fuller look, but Dr.Fugo suggested a smaller size than I wanted so I did not look top heavy, and he was right! I couldn't be happier with the results!" - READ THE FULL REVIEW

Unlike other breast implant surgeons, Dr. Fugo does not believe that the decision to proceed with surgery should be a hasty one. “It’s never about ‘making the sale’ or ‘closing the deal’. It’s about providing patients with the unbiased information that they need to make the best decision for themselves.” Dr. Fugo recommends that patients take the time to “process and digest” all of the information provided during the consultation. Once you’re ready, schedule your surgery.

Get Back to the New You Without Missing Out on Life

One of the many true distinctions of breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Fugo is the quick recovery time his patients enjoy. Dr. Fugo’s no-nonsense, non-traditional approach to breast augmentation post-operative care allows for the quickest recovery times possible, returning women back to the life they enjoy… with their newly enhanced figures.

"Finally it was the surgery day. Everything went smoothly. I was amazed how minimal of pain I had unlike a lot of people online have said otherwise. I had absolutely no bruises. Just amazing. Two days after the surgery I went for a long walk with my parents. I felt like I could even go back to the gym!!

Six weeks post surgery, I am so pleased with the result and I know my breasts will look even better as time goes. I am so excited to live my life with more confidence and self-esteem. I don't hesitate to recommend Dr. Fugo to anyone I meet." - READ THE FULL REVIEW

Dr. Fugo’s breast enlargement patients are able to return to work in 4 days and back to the gym in just 10 days! His progressive approach and “functional recovery” philosophy prioritizes getting women back to normal in less time.

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