Are Microblading Treatments Painful?

Microblading Cosmetic procedures for the treatment of eyebrows. Your eyebrows play an important role in your face’s overall look and appearance. As you age, the loss of collagen and other dermal effects can cause the eyebrows to droop. Although many dermal fillers and injectables can help, enhancing the definition of the eyebrows themselves can help improve the overall aesthetics of your face.

Tattooing has been available to help reverse the appearance of thin eyebrows. However, the delicate skin in this area can make this process very painful. And the permanent placement of the pigments can cause issues down the road as skin cells shift or the shape of your eyebrows change.

Microblading falls in between conservative treatments and those more permanent such as tattooing. Microblading procedures take a couple of hours in an office setting. Although other therapies might be faster, taking the proper time for a microblading appointment leads to much better results.

After applying a topical anesthetic cream, your doctor or aesthetician will use a very fine scalpel to create a small incision where pigment is placed. Although this is very similar to tattooing, the pigments placed by microblading are much closer to the skin’s surface. This allows for a much more natural appearance and enhancement of your eyebrows.

Along with leading to a more natural appearance, keeping the pigments closer to the skin’s surface leads to a semi-permanent result that can fade over time. Although a follow-up may be required, this allows more control to allow the changes in your facial features.

Although there will be some tenderness and redness, the anesthetic cream should reduce or eliminate discomfort. There is no downtime or restrictions after each treatment.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows more permanently to save time getting ready each day, call the staff of Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery in New Windsor, NY, at 845-565-7040 or visit to see how microblading can safely and easily help.

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