What Causes Gynecomastia?

Handsome happy man wearing white T-shirt at the sea or the ocean backgroundMale breast enlargement, also known as gynecomastia, is usually caused by an imbalance of hormones, particularly testosterone and estrogen. When estrogen levels are too high in males, it can cause breast tissue to swell. Although natural hormonal changes can lead to gynecomastia, it is also caused by certain health conditions or medications. Here are some of the most common causes of gynecomastia and how a male breast reduction can help.


While gynecomastia is most commonly associated with newborn babies, it is also common in boys going through puberty. However, these forms of the condition usually go away within a few months after birth or the start of puberty. More resilient forms of male breast enlargement are usually found in men above the age of 50. In fact, about 1 in 4 men between the ages of 50 and 80 have gynecomastia.

Underlying Health Conditions

There are a variety of health conditions that can cause men to develop gynecomastia. This includes obesity, hyperthyroidism, hypoandrogenism, hypogonadism, kidney failure, liver disease, and tumors. While gynecomastia itself does not usually pose a health risk, it can sometimes indicate an underlying condition, so it’s important to meet with your doctor regularly.

Certain Medications or Drugs

Both prescription medications and drugs can contribute to male breast enlargement. Anabolic steroids are a common culprit, but other substances can cause gynecomastia as well. This includes calcium channel blockers, proton pump inhibitors, estrogens, as well as medications used to treat anxiety, fungal infections, bacterial infections, fertility issues, or an enlarged prostate. Other drugs like amphetamines, marijuana, methadone, heroine, and alcohol can also lead to breast enlargement.

How Male Breast Reduction Can Help

Male breast reduction is an effective, long-lasting solution that uses liposuction to remove excess breast tissue. During the procedure, Dr. Jonathan Fugo removes the stubborn tissue using cannulas, creating a smoother chest appearance. Recovery takes just a few weeks, and the results are immediately noticeable following the surgery.

If you want to achieve a more masculine look and regain your self-confidence, call us today at 845-565-7040 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fugo. We are proud to serve patients living in Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan and Westchester Counties and surrounding New York communities.

Maintaining Your Surgical Results

A woman chopping fruit for a smoothie.After any face or body contouring procedure, there are several things that can affect your short- and long-term results. Most of these factors are entirely within your control. While aging will naturally reduce the elasticity of your skin, you can postpone or minimize the impact with a few mindful practices.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

UV rays are the most common cause of premature skin aging. Sun exposure without UV protection can weaken your skin, causing it to become lax. Over time, this will cause loose skin to return to the treated area. To help protect your body contouring results, apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to your skin if you are going outside for 30 minutes or more. In addition, cover your skin with long sleeved clothing when possible and wear a wide-brimmed hat. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

Extreme changes in weight can greatly affect the outcome of your procedures. While the fat cells removed from your treatment area will not grow back, it is entirely possible to store fat in the remaining fat cells in the surgical area and surrounding areas. To prevent fluctuations in weight, eat a balanced, healthy diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. This will not only prevent weight gain or loss, but also provide the nutrients your skin needs to maintain its elasticity and strength for years to come.

Exercise Often

Consistent exercise, whether light or intense, is a great way to stave off weight gain and maintain muscle tone. In general, it is best to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you need some variety, try alternating between cardio and strength training. Never underestimate even the simple exercises like walking. Remember…..something is better than nothing. Every single person can find a few minutes of every day for physical activity.

Call Now to See if Body Contouring is Right for You

If you have gone through significant weight loss or lifestyle change and want to rid yourself of excess skin and fat, call Dr. Jonathan Fugo today at 845-565-7040 to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients living in Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan and Westchester Counties as well as other surrounding New York communities.

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